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BEST CHOICE is an initiative to provide Nigeria with its first organized retail chain of mini super marts/convenience stores. We run this business on a franchise concept, where we rent, furnish and brand the stores, which are then given to Business Associates to run the business. The Business Associate (B.A.) registers with the company and receives complete furnished and branded shops ready to resume the business. Best Choice

He/ She, invest into the business by buying products that are authorized by our company selling the goods in the retail super mart given to him/her. The B.A. is expected to generate sales by growing more patrons to the shops by catering to vicinity.

Today in Nigeria, we still see a lot of un-organized chaotic types of markets. The Major markets here provide very less value to consumers and shoppers in concern to pricing, convenience, cleanliness, good ambience and security. More over these markets are so chaotic where an entire “value chain” reside in one market; ranging from Key distributors to Retailer. This is our attempt to bring organized retail outlets closer to the people.
BEST CHOICE aims at providing consumers with a quick, easy and more organized way to shop champion products at best possible price (company recommended price).

Business Associates are the entrepreneurs who own the business, who invest money & enter the agreement with the company. A Business Associate buys all the products from the company only. The products available are those where a contract exists between the two companies. For example Coca Cola products have been authorized by the parent company to be sold in all Multi Pro’s BEST CHOICE. No BA will be allowed to obtain the products from a different source other than Multi Pro.

Qualities of a Business Associate:-

  • One who understands the retail business and wishes to own and run such a business.
  • One who possess the zeal and enthusiasm to drive the business.
  • One who is entrepreneurial in nature and can cater to the needs and wants of the shop vicinity.

Want to become an Entrepreneur?
Of course! WE run this business on a franchise concept, where we rent, furnish and brand the stores, which are then given to you to run.
We select shops based set standards:

  • Min Size – 350 Sq ft
  • Location:
  • Highly Populated, Dense Residential Areas- Away from Markets where distributor exists.
  • Barracks.
  • Estates.
  • Cantonments.
  • Streets
  • Close
  • University/ School Campuses.

The Operations:
Whenever the BA runs into their minimum re-order level, it’s time for them to book. The B.A pays into the bank, and passes the teller on to the sales representative, who then books on behalf of the BA. Once the order is booked, the goods are then loaded on to a truck and delivered to the doorstep, thus helping you gain the maximum returns by realizing savings on time and logistics cost.


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